A Bronx neighborhood friend of Bill’s posted this comment on FaceBook:

“Hey Bill, here’s my Bob Dylan story. A friend from commune days threw her Buddah off the Staten Island ferry , became a Lubavitch, and married a guy who is probably the only Chassid who ever came from Northern Minnesota. I go to their house for Purim and at dinner sit next to this weird guy in a mask (remember that kids used to go around in Halloweeny type costumes on Purim). He spouts apocalyptic stuff about Israel, guns and what have you. After dinner some of the Lubavitchers start teasing him about a grown up guy wearing a mask and he curls up into a fetal ball. After about 5 minutes of that he gets up and walks out. Our hostess then says “you know who that was?” I think that soon after this, he gave up his Jewish schtick and became a fundamentalist Christian.”

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